Beltimport has received a proposal to sign a common memorandum from the leading poultry producer in Europe MHP company. Previously Beltimport has received a status of MHP partner according to the special criteria based on the reliability and long-term successful cooperation.  We confidently accepted the proposal to sign the memorandum as its text and spirit definitely response to our values and aspirations. This document is a mutual intension of the partners to build further fruitful cooperation on the basis of decency, honesty, innovation and high-quality standards.

  Shared values and principles provide the guarantees of safety and trust, minimize risks creating an effective and modern business-sphere not only for the partners, but for the whole national market in general.

  Indeed, an integration in global business requires compliance with many standards and norms, transparency and responsibility.

  We are not only honored to be the reliable partner of MHP, but also motivated for further and constant development and improvement of our own business processes, systematic approach and efficiency.

  We are constantly striving to be even more useful and flexible for our customers to meet their requests and needs with the most modern and technological solutions.

  We are grateful to our partner MHP for the trust and deeply appreciate our cooperation!