Our good partners and friends – the world's best manufacturer of chains, clutches, etc. – Tsubaki company expressed their congratulations on XXV Anniversary of Beltimport. Personal greetings were received from the President of the European division, Mr. Frank Rosmolen; and now the unique handmade ceramics from the world-famous Delft craftsmen adorn our office, reminding us of our friends from the Netherlands.

  Along with these ceramics there will be a memento from our friends from Japan – ceramics presented by the President of Tsubaki, with their flowering symbol (Tsubaki means camellia in Japanese), also handcrafted using the Shippo technique.

  We have been working with Tsubaki since 2006, and this partnership has become the quintessence of the way of Beltimport company in supplying quality drive and conveyor elements to Ukrainian enterprises. Having experience in cooperation with other well-known competitive manufacturers, we do have something to compare with! Since that time, together with Tsubaki we have implemented many exciting projects and we certainly have a lot to be proud of. Today we have managed to make this brand on top as the leading one in Ukraine. Moreover, five of our employees visited all Tsubaki factories in Japan in different timespans and had a great chance to see themselves how legendary products are born in the highest production culture.

  We are grateful to our partners so much! Over and over again we are convinced that business is not always means the company's turnover, planning, and competition. First of all, business means people. And we are lucky to have such partners, as every team member is an individual in this company.

We express our gratitude to Frank Rosmolen, Peter de Blok, Antoin Wilmer, Martynas Zaleckis, Willy Oosterling-Vriens, Tomoki Adachi, Herman de Jong, Denis Billet, Johan Koopmans and many other people from the whole Tsubaki Team!

We are also grateful to our big friend Shuichi (Marky) Masuda, who passed away last year and who contributed to the partnership and success of Beltimport and Tsubaki.

It is a huge honor and privilege for us to be your partner, and we are proud of our friendship!

Thank you for your greetings!