Our partner Bonfiglioli is one of the biggest manufacturers of high quality gearboxes and motors in the world. If we say that, maybe, Bonfiglioli produces the best worm gearboxes in the world, that will not be just a boilerplate phrase but our personal belief. The reason is simple - import equipment of our customers is  literally "dotted" with worm gearboxes Bonfiglioli and looking on templates, we, with undisguised pride, find out that worm gearboxes Bonfiglioli are serving for 8-10 years! 

  It is an interesting fact that many of the customers consider worm gearboxes as consumable material buying of which can save money, are installing cheap gearboxes, which subsequently are often replaced. We propose you to give the matter some thought: is there any saving here, what losses the company incurs in replacement, what organization work occurs with each new purchase for spare parts and how it deals with low production profitability.

  Worm gearbox  is a great solution, when it is needed to have not expensive compact drive with low power. As everywhere, important role for its correct application plays the right selection, where it is important to consider number of special peculiarities of worm gearbox – self-stopping, coefficient of efficiency, character of loads etc.

  To meet the demand of existing consumers of Bonfiglioli as well as to enable fast delivery to new customers, who wants to evaluate advantages of using worm gearboxes Bonfiglioli, Beltimport company has organized a warehouse of worm gearboxes with the possibility of their large-scale assembly under the license Bonfiglioli for giving to the customer gearbox with almost all possible configuration in short terms. Directly, the advantage is the carefully thought-out possibility of modular assembly, which eliminates the violation of the factory design and the intervention of the assembler in it.

  The core of the large-scale assembly are in the next:

  1. We receive closed gearbox block on the warehouse, produced on the factory in Italy, 100% tested for the right gear ratio, total integrity of the body and proper oil level.
  2. All we need for assembling the requested configuration for you is just to put proper bush and tie up a flange in order to enable its connection with required motor.
  3. And that is not all. We have the opportunity:
  • To install complete inner and outer shaft
  • To install inner (for nonstandard motors, B5, B14) and outer flanges
  • To complete gearboxes with torque arms.
  • To install cylindrical stage and offer cylindrical-worm gearboxes.
  • To join two and more worm gearboxes and get gear rations up to 10 000.

  All used components are also manufactured at the Bonfiglioli plant in Italy.

  And all of these from stock!

  The only thing to be added is that the basic model of worm gearboxes Bonfiglioli is made in a universal casing and can take any mounting position and for each gearbox we have necessary stock of the motors.