“Our children are the greatest happiness, joy and our future. They are an integral part of every family”- these words we can say about our branch offices as well, which together make up one large family called Beltimport. Each of them is special in its own way, but so close in spirit and dear to heart! 

  On September 7, 2019, the 15th anniversary of the Dnipro branch office, the eldest “son” of Beltimport, was held, the head of which is Oleg Lysansky. Happy Birthday to the whole team! We are proud that we celebrate this anniversary in the period of significant success: outstanding performance, the largest projects for the entire existence of the branch office, a high level of trust – these are achievements and unique acquisitions for the company that would not be possible without you - a talented and experienced, friendly and strong team.

  Thanks to Oleg’s professionalism and leadership skills as well as to exemplary discipline, well-coordinated teamwork, the ability to overcome all difficulties and obstacles together, you convincingly go towards your goals and achieve them. We can confidently say that work and perseverance, your creative and professional potential is one of the main strategic resources of our company.

  To congratulate colleagues, a delegation of employees of the company's head office, as well as the heads of the Lviv, Odesa and Kharkiv branch offices arrived to Dnipro. The celebration took place in a cozy atmosphere, in a hotel & restaurant complex located out of town on the banks of the river. In addition to the picturesque nature, guests could rest by the pool, play tennis on a professional court, ping pong, enjoy fishing and even swimming on kayaks or sap-boards. The festive evening was accompanied by a delicious dinner, fiery music, dancing and singing to a guitar in a warm circle of colleagues.

  Birthday celebration was a success! Positive emotions and vivid impressions will inspire us to work for a long time to come. Dnipro branch, we thank you for being a part of the Beltimport family! Forward to new victories!