Dear Partners,

Beltimport LLC has joined “DO NOT sponsor murder” campaign to boycott goods of Russian and Belarusian production and calls on its partners to completely stop doing business with the aggressor countries.

  The Russian military forces are killing Ukrainian people day after day, and the Belarusian government is acting as a co-organizer of the war. Each day of the war costs hundreds of lives to Ukrainians and millions of spending to the world economy. Each day of the war intensifies the economic and food crisis and destroys the usual way of life in many world countries.

  Ukraine is one of the major world suppliers of grain, legumes, and oil. These days, however, Ukraine is mobilizing, digging trenches, and defending cities and villages instead of sowing. Ukraine cannot allow the occupier to ruin the country and the world! Instead of developing economies and societies, Ukraine and the whole world are now forced to fight against a bloodthirsty military dictatorship!

  The war must be stopped ASAP!

  Being a part of Ukrainian society and economy, Beltimport LLC with the support of foreign partners, calls on boycott of cooperation with aggressor countries. We have discussed this important question with many of our partners, who are world-renowned manufacturers. We have been fully heard and supported in most cases. Some of our partners even made their boycott decisions just before we managed to organize any meetings or calls with them. The boycott will contribute to the rapid and large-scale decline of the economies of aggressor countries and will not allow them to continue financing the war! The total trade embargo and isolation of aggressors will help the world to stop Russia from continuing the unprovoked war against Ukraine and avoid further losses of lives of the Ukrainian people and global economic and food losses!

  Now everyone must choose the side they want to be on: good or evil! Anyone who now puts their profits above the lives of Ukrainians will only lose!

  We stand together against the war!