The elastic ribbed belts Conveyor Power RB were especially developed by the world's leading manufacturer of belts Optibelt to meet the mechanical requirements for fixed distances between centres. The unique tension cords of high-quality polyamide provide the required elasticity for the ribbed belt and consequently also increase the permanent resistance even with frequent start/stop cycles. Such V-belts are used in all fields of the transport and logistics industry: straight roller track conveyors – curved conveyors – accumulating conveyors – continuous conveyors – sorters – transfer lines – outfeed & infeed systems, semi-automatic & fully automatic storage systems, etc.

  Belts Optibelt Conveyor Power RB are available in PH, PJ, PK, EPH, EPJ sections and in lengths from 236 mm to 746 mm. Main advantages:

  • Combines the high flexibility of the flat belt with the high-power transmission capability of the V-belt.
  • Maintenance free, and no retensioning required.
  • Temperature resistance from -40°C to +80°C.
  • Small pulley diameters.

  We suggest you to benefit from all the advantages of the new Conveyor Power RB belts. Beltimport managers are always in touch for ordering and consultation.