Bonfiglioli's impressive experience in implementing the newest production technologies is demonstrated in a new video on our YouTube channel. Beltimport's partner, the Italian company Bonfiglioli, one of the leaders in the production of gear-motors, opens the door to the new innovative EVO plant in Calderara di Reno (Bologna, Italy), focused on the production from the future, which is already beginning in our time, called Industry 4.0.

  EVO is a philosophy and paradigm based on evolution, continuous development, and improvement. EVO is the new goal of deep transformation that Bonfiglioli has been working on in recent years. The company uses a fundamentally new approach for production, implementing the most modern principles of growth - the systematic development of personnel and care for the well-being of employees, digitalization, integration into the global supply chain, widespread use of robotics, a "digital twin "of the production process.

  The EVO plant is the basis for the competent leap of the Bonfiglioli group to digitalization and reorientation of production to Industry 4.0.

  Enjoy watching! Video