Alla Pochtova, the procurement director of Beltimport, stands among the ten Ukrainian businesswomen who successfully completed the three-month mentoring program, "International Mentoring: Ukrainian Women in Business", organized by the international organization enpact with the support of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) as a part of the program «EU4Business: SME Recovery, Competitiveness, and Internationalization”.

  The program’s primary objective was to facilitate the growth and success of women-led businesses by providing mentorship from seasoned professionals across various industries. This mentorship aimed to equip Ukrainian entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding of the EU market, encompassing intercultural nuances and regulatory standards.

  The program culminated in a meeting between participants and mentors in Berlin, following a series of online seminars, workshops, and networking events. This gathering served as a platform for the final evaluation of participants' work and an assessment of enterprises' potential for collaboration with EU partners.

  “Ukrainian businesses are currently encountering significant challenges. Knowledge, experience, and collaboration are pivotal in navigating these obstacles. With the requisite expertise, Ukraine boasts numerous outstanding companies capable of achieving international recognition for their products or services. Participation in such programs undoubtedly enhances the internationalization and resilience of Ukrainian businesses. I extend my best wishes to all participants and express big gratitude to enpact and GIZ for this opportunity!”- Alla emphasizes.