Forbo Movement Systems is the world`s leading manufacturer of polymer belts with more than 100 years of experience and the global presence. Currently, the company has added to its range a new line of Siegling Fullsan homogeneous belts, designed for particularly important applications from the point of view of hygiene and made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane.

  The homogeneous belts can handle any thermal and mechanical challenges. They are easy to clean and resistant to any chemical used in the manufacturing process. Moreover, the homogeneous belts are fully sealed so that they can’t be attacked by oil, grease, moisture or bacteria. As a result, they are excellent when used in very hygiene-critical applications. Their high UVC resistance also allows for frequent disinfection using UV radiation. Fullsan belts provide all the necessary precautions to comply with hygiene regulations and HACCP concepts.

  Now Forbo Movement Systems is presenting the first two belts from its new Siegling Fullsan product line. The new products currently available are the Flat series (the underside has no teeth) in the form of reinforced Pro version (FLT+) with built-in aramid longitudinal cords. The cords increase the tension force and at the same time minimize the elongation of the belt. These characteristics make the belts ideal for long conveyors and heavy loads. The new belts have a matte surface for accumulative transportation and movement of dry packaged products or a glossy surface that is easy to clean for handling wet products. To move the small objects, loose materials, very sticky foods or to move products up-and-down a steeply inclined conveyor, the Fullsan belts can be equipped with profiles and side of various shapes and sizes.

  Fullsan homogeneous belts are used in the poultry and fish industry, as well as in the dairy products segment, dough and vegetable processing, where strict hygienic requirements are imposed. Siegling Fullsan products comply with current FDA and EU regulations and ensure a high level of food safety during the manufacture.