Siban manufactures rubber conveyor belts under the Beltsiflex brand, including food grade belts. They are suitable for use with food products, according to the Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004. These tapes have been tested by Spanish and international independent laboratories and confirmed their compliance with the XXI BFR qualification. This made it possible to have the ANIA certificate statement for products intended to come into contact with food. Beltsiflex belts are developed to withstand weather conditions and harmful ozone pollution. They also have great oil and fire resistance.

  Beltimport offers food-grade Beltsiflex rubber bands in various colors:

  1. WF: white
    - WF: food grade tape;
    - WFG: food grade oil resistant tape;
    - WFKG: high-quality, oil- and fire-resistant food-grade tape.
  2. BF: blue
  3. GF: green

  Among green rubber belts suitable for food products, there are also chevron ones. These belts also have the German XXI BFR qualification and comply with European legislation for rubber and plastic materials suitable for food contact. The belts have been tested and approved by an official laboratory authorized by the European Union.

Features of chevron belts include:
- Excellent adaptability to bulk transport;
- High resistance to abrasion and ageing.