Thanks to its innovative design, the new high-performance Optibelt SUPER XE-POWER Pro M=S V-belts offer additional possibilities for creating compact drives, as they are able to work on the smallest pulleys in the range of extreme temperatures and at high speeds.

  The shape of the tooth, developed by Optibelt specialists, makes it possible to use V-pulleys with extremely small diameter and the open edges create an outstanding flexibility of the belt ensuring suitability for use on back bend idlers. With its exceptional temperature resistance, it delivers ideal power trans­miss­ion even at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C and runs extremely quietly even at high speeds. The unique power values of the new drive belts are achieved with the help of special low-stretching cord cords in combination with the tooth shape optimized for significant dynamic loads. The cross-fiber-reinforced EPDM layer provides optimum flexibility with enhanced lateral stability.

  This new development has a very long service life without maintenance, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and minimizes equipment downtime.

  The Optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M=S can be used in sets without further measurement and is predestined for use in mechanical and special-purpose engineering, making it ideal for compressors, fans, pumps, lathes and drills and all other uses requiring compact drive systems.

  Beltimport recommends to use this innovative product. Belts are already available in XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC, 3VX/9NX, 5VX/15NX profiles. Waiting for you!