Recently, Forbes Ukraine presented the new project Next250, which selected 250 promising small and medium-sized companies in Ukraine. Beltimport has received expert recognition and made it onto the Forbes Next250 list.

  Even in challenging economic and political conditions, Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses continue to demonstrate resilience and endurance, providing high-quality goods and competitive services. The Forbes Next250 list includes companies with annual revenues ranging from 10 million UAH to 1 billion UAH, indicating their significant presence in the economic landscape. It is noteworthy that the list includes enterprises based in regions heavily affected by Russian aggression.

  The Forbes Ukraine initiative has received incredible support from the business community participants. The editorial team received over 1150 completed questionnaires for consideration. Twenty business organizations and companies were involved in creating the long list of 470 candidates. The editorial team then evaluated businesses from the long list based on criteria such as financial performance, rapid scaling/growth, export component, market prospects, product innovation, non-standard management or marketing decisions, as well as resilience, which demonstrates the ability of companies to cope with challenges. Therefore, only those companies that best meet the specified criteria and already shape the future of the Ukrainian business landscape have been included in the Forbes Next250 list.

  Beltimport team expresses sincere gratitude to Forbes Ukraine and the business community for the recognition and trust. We feel a responsibility towards society and the economy. We will continue to strive for high results and hold an honorable position among the leading companies that shape the future of Ukrainian business.