This year, the annual convention of the European association of manufacturers and distributors of drive elements EPTDA was held on the island of Tenerife. For 4 years our company has been honored member of this association, so Beltimport executives were among the participants in the convention.
  EPTDA is a unique opportunity to talk with owners and top managers of many leading manufacturers and the best distributors in Europe. This year, delegates from more than 300 companies from 34 countries of the world had the opportunity to discuss cooperation or competition, take part in discussions about market situation and future trends, take part in master classes from world’s leading speakers and get the necessary information firsthand. After all, here rather than elsewhere all those, who determine all global decisions in our business have gathered. And it is great that it was possible to discuss all issues, important problems and strengthen relations not only at the meeting table, but also during joint lunches and dinners, and sometimes, in minutes of small breaks, even in the pool or on the beach smile of the luxurious Ritz Hotel, which became  common home for these few days.

  Was this helpful? Well, how else? After all, partnerships, as elsewhere, are primarily relations between specific people based on trust, sympathy, reputation ... Communication between top executives of companies, exchange of experience, making joint decisions, perhaps the shortest (though not easy) path to success! And, of course, we are very proud that Beltimport rightfully represents Ukraine in this European family!