An annual convention of European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) is a landmark event for the member companies and companies that work with drive technologies since every time this is a meeting of business leaders for discussion of new opportunities for the industry, market developments and practical issues of cooperation. It was especially valuable to meet this year in Warsaw after two-year break because of the COVID pandemic. 149 companies from 28 world countries were discussing how to make the industry of drive technologies more successful.

  Despite significant challenges and issues with supply chains, inflation and energy resources, the association member companies are focused on technology development, innovation, efficiency and responsible production for protection of the environment. The meetings of the companies were preceded by the speakers, including Ms. Gabrielle Walker - TED speaker, researcher, author of books and publications in the famous The Economist, Prospect, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, who studies the problems of climate change, global warming and their influence on the life and development of humanity, economy and industry. Ukraine was also on the agenda during the speeches. Ms. Gabriel noted the war's dramatic impact on global food security, inflationary processes, and disruptions of supply chains.

  The Beltimport company was represented by chief procurement officer Alla Pochtova at the convention. In two days, it became possible to have about 20 meetings, both with existing and potential partners, to discuss the current situation in Ukraine and the world, to enlist the support of Ukraine and Ukrainian business. The vast majority of the companies and representatives expressed their unquestionable support for Ukraine and readiness to support Ukrainian business and manufacturing enterprises. Also, most of Beltimport's partner companies have confirmed leaving of the Russian market, showing high moral principles and values. Beltimport will continue to use any opportunity to represent Ukraine at the international level at specialized industry platforms, as the economy, production and industry are another battlefield for the well-being and prosperity of our country.

  Thanks to the EPTDA team for organizing the event!