Day after day our team makes every effort to ensure the smooth operation of plants and factories in Ukraine. It is a big pleasure to contribute to baking bread and processing meat, producing building materials and cigarettes, making wood panels, and sewing sleeping bags for our soldiers in our country. We are also proud to supply the goods to logistics hubs that sort thousands of parcels each day and to grain industry customers whose combine harvesters start sowing our Ukrainian fields.

  The war has scattered our team to the four winds: most of us devotedly work in relatively safe areas, and some decided to remain at home, although the guys from our production and our service technicians live at work literally. We have opened additional transit warehouses in the West of Ukraine, we continue providing services directly at the customers’ sites (sometimes it is almost at the front lines). Many of our guys have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine or are members of the Territorial Defense Forces, and these days our directors sometimes even work as storekeepers and drivers, while our logistic department is busy providing humanitarian aid. We encourage many of our European partners to help our country and our army, and we are proud of what many of them have done already and are still doing on their initiative. We involve all our partners, world-class producers, to join the tough boycott of the aggressor country: no supplies, no goods, no cooperation with Russian customers – evil must be punished.

  We pay tribute to our brave warriors, who are defending our country from an insidious and inhuman enemy, from murderers, rapists, and looters. We mourn for all the innocent victims in Ukraine in such cities as Kharkiv and Bucha, Chernihiv and Mariupol, Borodyanka and Irpin, Rubizhne and Vorzel. We are convinced that the time of our great victory will come. Peace will come to our land, and all those guilty for the grief of many Ukrainian families will get what they deserve.

  Well, for now, we continue to work and rebuild our economy: persistently and tirelessly, bringing such a desirable future victory together with our army and the whole country.