A world leading developer of highly engineered mechanical components used in complex systems with high reliability requirements, Rexnord company has introduced the advanced modular belts Rexnord 395 MatTop.

  Using of the new series belts provides:

  • Reducing product damage and loss - with an 8 mm pitch the belt can go around a nose bar diameter of 6 mm for tight transfers of products with small footprint & unstable products.
  • Minimizing risk of belt failure – the belt has high strength feature and can withstand high constant and peak loads.
  • Decreasing downtime - high stiffness of the belt reduces risk of material fatigue and pin wear, ensuring optimal chain tracking without jumps on the sprocket with optimized sprocket engagement.
  • Mitigating product contamination - the belt has headless rods with self-locking pin retention and does not require complicated tools for assembly and maintenance.

  This straight belt has a flat top and designed for delicate transportation of products in beverage, food, pharmaceutical industries. The new modular belt will be especially useful in these criteria:
- Knife edge from 6 mm.
- Fragile or unstable product.
- Transitions or transfers between two mass flow conveyor sections including 90-degree transfers.
- Package and case transfers into and out of packers, turns and spiral conveyors.

  Read more about Rexnord 395 MatTop belt materials available to order, features and compatibility with sprockets here. To learn more about the new product, as well as conveyor equipment in general, please contact the nearest Beltimport sales office and you can be sure your request will be processed with special responsibility.