The transport equipment of grain elevators usually includes bucket elevators, chain and belt conveyors and screw conveyors. Here, in Beltimport, we are ready to select the most efficient and economically feasible type of gear-motor suitable for each application, with an eye on the maximum service life and minimum cost of ownership. And after selection, there is no long term supply of the ordered gearbox but assembling from our warehouse in Kyiv and by prompt shipping of the gearbox to the customer even against the clock.

  What gearboxes and for what transport equipment we are ready to offer?

  • Bucket elevators

Traditionally, helical bevel gearboxes with hollow shafts are in greatest demand. Such gearboxes are often ordered with a back-stop to prevent backstrokes and bucket conveyor filling. We deliver Bonfiglioli A-series gear motors with the power up to 45 kW from our warehouse, and this corresponds to about 300 t/h capacity of the bucket elevator if it’s 30 meters high. For elevators with higher capacity, Heavy Duty (HD) series gearboxes are used, which are specially designed for the toughest operating conditions.

  • Chain and belt conveyors

These types of conveyors are massively used for grain elevators, and helical bevel gearboxes are the most often used as their drive. For this application, we supply Bonfiglioli A-series gear motors with the power up to 45 kW from our warehouse, and this corresponds to about 400 t/h capacity of the conveyor if it’s 30 meters long.

  • Screw conveyors

It is worth mentioning that a hollow shaft helical gearbox of the Bonfiglioli F-series can be an alternative both for conveyors and elevators. It can also be shipped from the warehouse in Kyiv. Its use allows to reduce the cost of the gearbox without quality loss, but it slightly increases the overall size, as the gearbox will be placed perpendicular to the bucket elevator or conveyor. We believe that a helical gearbox of this type is the best solution for screw conveyors. The gearbox itself is mounted on the screw shaft, and its motor acts as a screw extension. As an alternative, a helical coaxial gearbox can be used, but to install it, a frame and a coupling for assembling to the hollow shaft, is required.

  Sometimes, for grain elevators, explosion-proof ATEX gear motors are required and we easily solve this issue as well.

  Bonfiglioli gearboxes for grain elevators are characterized by a specially calculated scheme ensuring a long operating life and low gearbox heating, and by high reliability of the materials used, owing to which these gearboxes do not require a high service factor, and long oil change intervals significantly saves the operator’s money.

  If you want to order a gear motor for your bucket elevator, chain and belt conveyor or screw conveyor from the warehouse, it will be a pleasure for Beltimport company to make sure that you get the most suitable gearbox within the shortest possible time!