Self-perfection and development is an integral part of Beltimport company’s life. More recently, during the quarantine, together with company Optibelt – the world's leading manufacturer of power transmission belts, and company Tsubaki – the world leader  in the production of high-quality chains, have held the online trainings for the company's employees. 

  Leading experts of Optibelt on polyurethane belts from Chicago, USA and Höxter, Germany were the lecturers. The training covered the topics on the types of belts, their advantages, the definition of the types of profiles, used cords, methods of production of polyurethane belts, as well as a review of belt coatings and examples of their application. Not without a practical part - during the training, the attendee actively participated in testing on the acquired knowledge.

  The Tsubakimoto expert on chains Martynas Zaleckis shared his valuable insights. During the training, special attention was paid to the problems of consumers related to the chains’ operation. They most often complained about breakdown, elongation, corrosion, noise, wear, and other problems. Each trainee could get a detailed answer to questions on the identification of breakdowns, correctness of the chain inspection, the reasons for these breakdowns, and troubleshooting. The substantial part of the training was devoted to the practice of determining the type of chain breakdowns and finding alternative solutions to this problem.

  We are grateful to our partners for their contribution to the training, development, and improvement of our specialists’ qualifications. The acquired knowledge will help our managers to stay closer to our customers.