The new range of Bonfiglioli electric motors BSR reaches IE4 efficiency, while having the same stator length as the asynchronous standard 4-pole motors with the efficiency class IE2.

  Due to the reduction of energy losses, the new technology allows to improve the performance of the motor in terms of efficiency and power. Taking these advantages as a basis, Bonfiglioli offers its customers two versions of  BSR motors:

  • the high performance version (E) is characterized by the Super Premium Efficiency Class IE4 in a wide range of selected power;
  • the powerful version (O) allows to reach the same power with the efficiency class IE2 as standard asynchronous motors one size larger.

  BSR motors do not have windings and rotor magnets and, as a consequence, no induction currents and rotor losses. This provides less of heat and heat dissipation and therefore increased life of the motor and bearings, as well as a low moment of inertia of the rotor.

  According to the latest calculations, the use of  BSR electric motor together with the Active Cube frequency converter reduces the energy losses more than twice  compared to the use of electric motors of IE1 class.

  The drive system with BSR synchronous reluctance electric motor, Bonfiglioli gearbox and frequency converter Active Cube is a first-class and energy-efficient solution for such applications as pumps, air blowers, mixers, dispensers and other equipment, where a constant mode of operation must be maintained with any parameter.

  BSR electric motors are available in IEC71-132 sizes, power range 0.37-18.5 kW. To operate the motor, you must have a frequency converter.