Rollon, a global manufacturer of linear motion solutions, has introduced the new Compact Rail Plus to the market. These products are the first step in a comprehensive technological and aesthetic modernization that will consistently extend to the entire product range.

  The Compact Rail Plus guides have new steel-bodied carriages and hardened raceways for a long service life, maximum performance and high strength. These guides can be supplied with additional protective anti-corrosion coatings. Rollon engineers have improved the design, performance and appearance of all components. Self-centering function has been transferred to rollers with double-row bearings. These rollers provide increased system rigidity and provide higher lifting capacity compared to the Compact Rail series: up to + 170% in the axial direction and + 65% in the radial direction. The guideway is traditionally C-shaped, and the hardened raceways are located inside the profile. The updated raceway geometry prevents the accumulation of contaminants and fluids from industrial plants. All carriages of the new Compact Rail Plus type use rollers with double-row bearings of various profiles. The rollers are of three different types, differing from each other by the profile of the rolling surface. They are made of bearing steel, have reliable seals and are filled with grease for the entire period of exploitation.

  We know how demanding our customers are in the operation of movement systems, which are not afraid of jamming in the most difficult working conditions - with the impact of prolonged vibrations, alternating loads, contamination and in continuous operation. Importantly, with the new systems you can compensate for non-parallelism up to 3.5 mm in the axial direction and ± 1.3 degrees in the radial direction. The entire Compact Rail range in its updated version has steel carriages equipped with self-centering end wipers with an integrated automatic slow-release lubrication system, side seals to protect internal components, an upper protective strip to prevent unwanted roller preload changes and protect against counterfeiting.

  Please experience the benefits and value of Rollon guides in your industry.