In numerous internal material flow applications (intra logistics), conveyed products are sometimes accumulated, for example for singling or stabilizing conveying. In other applications, packages, containers or objects with poor sliding characteristics, such as tyres are loaded onto a conveyor belt sideways or at an angle. In such cases, friction is produced, which is generally unwanted and can lead to negative side effects. It either results in premature wear of the belt surface, or – and this is even less desirable – conveyed products may get damaged. In addition, it leads to an increase in energy use. This is why plastic modular belts have special module types fitted with rollers. For a while now, Forbo Movement Systems has offered a system where rollers are used in the conveying direction for accumulating applications (Pin Retained Rollers). Forbo has now developed a further innovative type, based on the Prolink series 8, where the rollers rotate at an angle of 90° to the conveying direction. This guarantees products to slide onto and off the belt sideways with little friction. The particularly innovative system, which has been submitted for patent, has the rollers fitted in replaceable sliders. This allows very high flexibility. The number of rollers can be varied and fully adapted according to specific customer requirements. It’s also possible to combine flat top modules (without rollers). The exceptionally robust components of this belt are made of very hard-wearing POM (acetal), which makes them particular durable. And there is minimum friction due to the smooth-running rollers. Thanks to the series 8’s small pitch (1 inch), very small drum diameters and low heights are possible, which also lowers costs.

All the advantages of the new modular belt are clearly displayed in the presentation.

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