Forbo Siegling (Germany) has designed new flat belts Grip Star™ for those application conditions when good grip, precise positioning, high levels of acceleration and high-performance braking are required. Grip Star™ leaves no marks and has all the benefits of rubber. However, it does not include the typical disadvantages of rubber such as brittleness and cross-cracking.  Grip Star™ belts are produced in High Grip or Medium Grip versions in different thickness and with specific surface patterns. The pattern on coating does not wear off and the surface characteristics virtually do not change. The majority of the Grip Star™ belts comply with the (EC) regulations 1935/2004, (EU) 10/2011, as well as the FDA’s 21 CFR for conveying unpackaged foodstuff.

Grip Star™ belts can be installed with the fulfillment of all the requirements of precision in folder-gluers, printing machines, as the scraper belts or belts on the drive roller conveyors. Grip Star™ flat belts can process paper, boxes, corrugated cardboard and tissue-based products dependably and efficiently.

"Beltimport", being the exclusive distributor and service center of Forbo Siegling in Ukraine, will always help you to solve the issue of gentle handling of products with remarkable reliability and efficiency by offering the Grip Star™ belts.