Without stopping for a minute, our partner Schmalz has developed new control options for the JumboFlex vacuum lifters. From now on, each customer has the opportunity to choose different design options:

  • JumboFlex Safety +
  • JumboFlex Easy-Release
  • JumboFlex Quick-Release

  By introducing three new operator handles, Schmalz continues to expand its capabilities in manual handling systems. Depending on the design, these options can improve safety, simplify or accelerate the handling process. New options for the JumboFlex vacuum lifter make various tasks more ergonomic and productive. Users can increase or decrease the release speed by choosing one of the lift central control concepts. With three new operator handles, Schmalz now offers an extended range of work and handling.

  When developing the JumboFlex Safety + operator handle, the designers focused on optimum handling safety. If the operator wishes to release product from the gripper of the vacuum lifter, he has to use two hands to operate the lifter and release the product. The design of using both hands at the same time allows for safer release of fragile and delicate products, and also allows a person with a disability to work on it. The lowering speed reduction option, located directly on the vacuum lifter, provides additional safety. The Flex Safety + handle is designed to work with the entire JumboFlex product range (20, 35 and 50 kg).

  The new JumboFlex Easy-Release control system also provides additional release lever, but its functions and operation are completely different. As soon as the operator presses the control button and the auxiliary lever, the vacuum level in the system decreases. This makes it easier to set down the load, especially when it is airtight or when a large suction cup is used on the vacuum lifter. In order to exclude the possibility of accidentally pressing the lever and decreasing the vacuum level, it is locked until the control button is fully depressed.

  Compared to the JumboFlex Safety +, a person can use one hand to operate the lift, while the another remains free to assist in the direction of moving. If the JumboFlex Easy-Release is designed with a locking function, the third version of the JumboFlex Quick-Release has the ability to release the product from any height. Its main goal is to minimize moving time, for example, in moving baggage at airports. As with the JumboFlex Easy-Release, the release lever is mounted on the operator handle, but not locked, so the operator can activate it at any height.

  Both the Easy-Release and Quick-Release units are designed to operate with a maximum Jumbo Flex weight of 50 kg. As usual, various suction cups are available for the lifter with a quick change adapter to change them.