With the VCMC-QUICK series, Schmalz presents its new mechanical clamping system for CNC machining centres with console and grid tables. The highlight of the new version: users can adjust the clamping height without tools. This simplifies and speeds up machine set-up.

  The new VCMC-QUICK from J. Schmalz GmbH are particularly suitable for fixing narrow and curved workpieces such as frame parts or window profiles and have a clamping range of ten to 100 millimeters. For set-up, the clamp is positioned stably on the machine table mechanically (with single-circuit console systems), by vacuum (with double-circuit console systems) or with mounting brackets (with grid tables). The special feature of the VCMC-QUICK is its multi-part, triangular clamping plate: this enables tool-free and thus extremely fast clamping height adjustment. To do this, the user releases the lock by simply turning the upper turntable by hand - this creates a gap between the turntable and the clamping plate. By pressing these parts together, the clamping plate is unlocked and can be adjusted to the desired height. It can be moved continuously over the entire adjustment range and locks into place in five-millimeter increment. By screwing the upper turntable tight, the complete clamping plate is locked again and is ready for use. Thus, the quick set-up function allows the desired clamping height to be set within a few seconds. To further simplify set-up, users can optionally expand the VCMC-QUICK clamping system with a positioning aid and a clamping unit.

  To fix the workpiece, the user activates the clamping device via the operating vacuum of the CNC machining centre. With a clamping force of up to 700 Newton and special friction materials on the clamping plate and surface, the clamping system holds workpieces reliably in position even with large machining forces. The new clamps are available for Schmalz 1-circuit and 2-circuit console systems as well as grid tables with a working height of 100 millimeters. Schmalz will be adding further heights to the series in the course of the year.