A leading manufacturing enterprise in Ukraine experienced and appreciated the great capabilities of Beltimport gearbox assembly shop and also became convinced of the prompt delivery of Bonfiglioli heavy-duty gearboxes. This time, our customer announced a tender for the urgent purchase of comparatively large bevel helical gearbox with a solid output shaft of 100 mm diameter. The gearbox must be powered by 30 kW motor and have a gear ratio of about 50.

  Our company offered the customer standard five days for the planned assembly of the gearbox using warehouse stock components. The customer was quite satisfied with this period, and we shook hands. Said &done. And now, four days after placing the order, we ship the "baby" weighing almost half a ton.

  We succeeded thanks to the licensed assembly from the world-famous manufacturer of gearboxes Bonfiglioli Riduttori. It remains to note that the client was pleasantly surprised when we offered them a choice among different gear ratios and the ability to be equipped with a backstop. And all this – from stock!

  You will also appreciate all the advantages for your production of the assembly and service center of Bonfiglioli gearmotors!