Finally, the desire of companies to receive quickly a variety of coated belts became real! This happened thanks to the new BIBELT brand, which our company brings to the Ukrainian and European markets.

  We have invested in German equipment, purchased materials for manufacturing from the most well-known and high-quality suppliers, and together with some partners, we conducted several months of testing directly for the packaging, filling, paper, woodworking, textile and glass industries for transportation, positioning, clamping and broaching functions. Our many years of experience in the use of coated belts have made it possible to minimize errors and "bugs" that companies may encounter at the beginning of the manufacturing of a new product. Therefore, we are proud of the high quality and are happy to offer BIBELT coated belts in different executions:

  • on the base of toothed polyurethane and rubber belts, both open and truly endless
  • on the base of flat belts
  • with original Linatex coating with 40 Shore A hardness (red), foamed polyurethane with 55 Shore A hardness (yellow) or polyurethane with 88 Shore A hardness (transparent), which include the most popular thicknesses.

  However, we are not planning to dwell on this. Instead, we are ready to study the needs of your company, in order to find an opportunity to continue investing in the purchase of additional coatings or coatings with special thicknesses for our warehouse. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product, this time – coated toothed and flat belts, not in 8-16 weeks, as offered by the most famous manufacturers in Europe, but in just 5 working days. We need your support and then Ukrainian belts from Beltimport, BIBELT, become one of those many steps on Ukraine's path to the European family.