In the early 1970s, Tapco recognized that the challenges associated with steel buckets significantly limited the potential of many enterprises. Consequently, they turned their attention to robust, flexible plastic buckets made of polyethylene, which could be stronger, safer, and more efficient than their steel counterparts. For almost 30 years, Tapco has been manufacturing these plastic buckets at its large facility in the St. Louis region (USA). The equipment for pressure molding is strategically located to maximize quality and minimize costs. With a diverse range of pressure molding machines and a wide array of presses, Tapco has the capabilities and experience to address any need.

  Extraordinary strength (the Tapco CC-XD bucket can withstand even Hammer-H1, weighing 4400 kg!) is achieved through a unique method of polymer blending during the bucket molding process and patented solutions. Polyethylene products traditionally have a unidirectional structure (stretching in one direction and tearing in the other). However, through a special polymer blending process, the structure of these products changes, eliminating brittleness and enhancing tensile strength. This blending technology is rare and complex, requiring only the best equipment and specialists worldwide. Therefore, Tapco's buckets are considered the strongest globally.

  But it's not just about powerful molding! The company has also patented highly effective design solutions, such as a special bucket shape that allows for gapless bucket installation and wear-resistant reinforcement of the bucket's front wall. This significantly increases the efficiency of the elevator, helping reduce costs (by over 17% compared to major competitors) and extends the bucket's operational lifespan (by more than 35% compared to major competitors).

  Beltimport is the exclusive distributor of Tapco buckets in Ukraine! We are so confident in the quality of Tapco buckets that we are willing to stand by our name!