Sterility and cleanliness in the food industry are some of the requirements of high-quality standards. Hence, specific demands are placed on equipment, and there are maintenance challenges. Flexco offers the FGP-ES open cleaning system for food belts, addressing to help with some of these issues.

  FGP-ES is a cleaning system that is installed on the drive pulley of the conveyor and features open components, including an external spring, facilitating cleaning and maintenance. It's ideal for high-hygiene applications, such as handling beef, pork, and poultry, on homogeneous and modular belts. All system components are made from FDA-approved materials.

  System Features:

  • Open components make it easy to clean and visually inspect, simplifying maintenance.
  • Tensioning spring can be installed from the left or right side (from the service or working side of the belt).
  • Blades are available in widths ranging from 305 to 1219 mm (12" to 48").

  FGP-ES systems can be equipped with various blade options:

  • UHMW Blade (blue or white)

  Technical characteristics of FGP-ES systems - HERE.

  Video overview of the FGP-ES system – HERE.