In the conditions of modern market transformation, the need to increase professional knowledge and skills is the key to the success of any organization. A highly qualified specialist more and more often has to combine various labor functions and make non-standard decisions that require an innovative approach and new knowledge.

Therefore, in May 2019, our colleagues from the production and service department, Ivan Klypa and Viacheslav Zuykov, under the supervision of Werner Lass and Eugen Schoenberger - leading experts of Flexco company, underwent training on the installation and adjustment of conveyor belt cleaning systems and solidified  their knowledge in real conditions on various German enterprises in the regions of Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz. Performing the most different works in terms of types and complexity, our engineers adopted the advanced experience of foreign colleagues, studied the features of the installation and maintenance of cleaners. Should be noted a high level of automation and the use of computer-integrated technologies in the production, as well as order and cleanliness where dirt and dust simply cannot be avoided.

An individual approach is considered as a norm as well as the level of service provided by Flexco engineers who, after installing a new cleaner, regardless of customer requests, re-visit the company, inspect and adjust all elements. The explanation is simple - the quality of Flexco products is beyond doubt, but the operational life directly depends on timely service, which in this company can be safely called flawless.

The learning process is an integral part of the continuous professional development of Beltimport employees. And the fact that for more than a week the mentor of our servicemen was probably the world's best specialist in the field of cleaner’s installation, gives us reason to say that the experience gained by our colleagues is truly invaluable. We are confident that such international practices will help us provide even better service to our customers in Ukraine.

We were hosted so hospitably and sincerely that we can surely say that Beltimport and Flexco are connected not only with business relations but also with the friendship of employees of our companies.