Did you know that Beltimport company, who is  BEST-destributor of Bonfiglioli in Ukraine, supplies the perfect planetary gearboxes for mixer machines, concrete mixing machines and  for grout mixers?

  Planetary gearboxes Bonfiglioli are very well recommend itself in difficult operating conditions under uneven loads, while maintaining compactness and light weight.  Body of the planetary gearbox is made from high-grade cast iron. Pinions, planetary rollers, ring gears are able to transmit significant torque due to precision manufacturing, high-quality mechanical and heat treatment. In this case, the gearing itself is self centered which provides  optimal load distribution and long life time. Behind this ideal engineering solution lies more than sixty years of experience in manufacturing planetary gearboxes by Bonfiglioli. Planetary gearboxes for concrete mixing machines are produced with keyway or splined shaft and with pinion on the outer shaft as well.  Planetary gearbox can work with electromotor or with hydro motor.  There are different executions of the planetary gearbox both for vertical and horizontal concrete mixer.

  Installation of the planetary gearbox Bonfiglioli to the mixing unit is a great investment flawless operation of your equipment!