Planetary gearboxes are an ideal solution for mechanisms with high torque and low rotation speed. Such technological equipment is widely used in biogas facilities - mixers, conveyors, feeders. Planetary gearboxes can be supplied with a hollow shaft or with a hollow shaft and tapered roller bearings, if heavy axial load operation is required. Gearboxes can be both coaxial and with a conical pair for turning the axis of rotation and for reducing the size.

  By using a planetary gearbox for biogas plants, you save significant money on the purchase and maintenance of the gearbox, increase the reliability and efficiency of the equipment, and reduce its dimensions and weight.

  Bonfiglioli is a world leader in the production of planetary gearboxes. In 2021, Bonfiglioli's sales exceeded one billion Euros, and most of this amount fell on planetary gearboxes. The quality and reliability of Bonfiglioli planetary gearboxes are recognized by the world's leading equipment manufacturers and production enterprises.

  Beltimport company assembles planetary gearboxes under the license of Bonfiglioli. If you need a planetary gearbox from stock, service and available spare parts for planetary gearboxes - come to us!

  Finally, this video helps you discover why planetary gearboxes are more effective than others for solving certain tasks and reflects our experience of their installation in Ukraine.