"Haul-off" are pulley-driven parallel belts that contact opposite sides of in-process products, usually by means of rollers exerting suitable pressure for the belts to grip and haul them, with the desired controlled pulling action. These work in pairs and are custom made with a cover layer that is suitable for the shape and consistency of the hauled product.  A sectioned cover, known as "caterpillar", allows added flexibility for the belt to fit small pulleys.

The Volta Power® line has a wide range of Haul-o­ff belts produced on either Flat or Poly-V bases. Other bases, such as Timing or Banded-V are available by request. Polyurethane Haul-off belts are outstanding for low wear and chemical resistance. V-section bases are self-centering, eliminating the need for added belt guides. Non-marking cover textures provide a variety of solutions for your process needs.

The belts mobilize the processing of extruded profiles and hose; also in drawing and rolling of plastic, metal or other materials as shaped profiles, tubes or rods.  Haul-off belts handle materials in stacks or rolls, for printing, labeling and packaging. These are useful in cable and wire production.

Please contact us and all your complicated production tasks will be solved with help of "Haul-off" belts.