Our partner – Tsubaki company, that is striving to improve constantly the quality, introduces a new generation G8 of roller chains. The newcomer offers a 20% improvement in service life over the previous generations. A special oil is applied to the chain in the final stage of manufacture, which does not leave a sticky residue on the chain surface, it prevents corrosion and increase lifetime.

  The new Heavy Duty roller chain also provides significantly improved performance and is aimed at applications requiring the movement of large loads at low speeds. This chain provides increased strength as a result of a new heat-treatment process, thicker material, and innovative geometry.  While remaining the same size as the standard type of chain. It is available in three variants:

  • RS-HT Roller Chain – chain with low maintenance needs because of doubled service life of seamless bushes.
  • Super Roller Chain – chain with increased capacity by 5%-10% thanks to new design of the plate links.
  • Super-H Roller Chain – chain with 20% increase maximum loads by providing a ring coin on the inner plate. It offers users the possibility of using smaller chains, which will reduce costs and save space.

  The Heavy Duty Roller Chains supplied by Beltimport are long-lasting chains with the highest permissible load for severe operating conditions. Technical data and detailed specifications are available in the catalogs at the product page.