A cereal manufacturer operating throughout Europe came across  R+W safety coupling product range by chance. After despairing from multiple defects with the original manufacturer's coupling, they started looking for an alternative, and R+W was there for them. Our customer was looking for a more reliable coupling for an extrusion system. The natural choice was an industrial safety coupling from the R+W ST series – the characteristics: durable, reliable and flexible. ST couplings are ideal for applications that require maximum safety and performance, even under constant and extreme loads. Because damage and operational failures can drive up costs to the extreme, and in the worst case, cause reputational damage, quality drive components are essential to any critical machine design.

  Couplings in industry must:

  • transmit even the highest torques with minimal power losses
  • operate wear-free even under the most extreme loads
  • protect equipment and minimize risk

  Technical specifications for the coupling installed into the extruder:

  • Coupling type: STE/2/B
  • Adjustment range: 1,2 - 2 kNm
  • Disengaging torque: 1,770 Nm 

  Customer feedback: It is as you would expect, the coupling runs and runs and thus provides invaluable operational reliability.

  Many thanks from R+W for the confidence shown!