Dear partners! Our company continues the course of online training for our clients and those who wish to improve their level of technical knowledges. The training sessions will be carried out by highly qualified specialists in their field. During each session the most active and motivated participants will have a chance to receive a nice gift.

  • October 8 at 15:00 - Why a planetary gearbox is the best solution for the machines with a low rpm?

A planetary gearbox is a progressive and effective solution to many challenges for drive machines, very popular among the countries with advanced engineering industry. What is its secret? How can a heavy and large-format gearbox be replaced by a compact and more profitable planetary devise?

  • October 15 at 15:00 – How to choose a high-quality gearmotor: what should be paid attention on?

Nowadays, a large number of suppliers of imported gearmotors has emerged on the Ukrainian market. Although many gearboxes have the same nominal parameters, the price level vary significantly. How to figure out where among them are high-quality products designed for a long-term operation?

  • October 22 at 15:00 - How to ensure a long-term gearbox life?

A high-quality gearbox is able to provide a reliable and stable performance for your equipment and, possibly, for the whole factory. We will exchange our experience on how to increase the operational life of this important, costly and overloaded mechanism.

  • October 29 at 15:00 - Beltimport opportunities as a supplier of gearboxes: product range, features of effective use, assembly and service center.

Beltimport is a licensed assembly center of the leading Italian manufacturer Bonfiglioli. What assortment is supplied from the warehouse? What types of the gearboxes do we recommend as the most efficient for different applications? How is gearbox assembly quality ensured and controlled?

  At the end of the training, each participant will receive a certificate of completion of the training. Links for registration of participation in trainings will be published closer to the beginning of the event on our facebook page. Please subscribe not to miss important events.