Having learned about the opening by Beltimport of the first in Ukraine assembly and service center for Bonfiglioli gear motors, our long-time partner contacted us. About 10 years ago, he bought Bonfiglioli helical coaxial gear motor C 51 2 P 21.0 P100 from our company, which has been in reserve all this time and has never even been in operation. “The gearbox has to work!” - the customer was convinced. Therefore, he decided to “breathe” new life into it, asking our service engineers for help.

  So, we have got the gearbox with a flange for 2.2 kW motor, gear ratio 21, unscrewed plugs and with traces on the case left by time after long-term storage.

  The following works were done by Beltimport servicemen:

  • installation of a compact Bonfiglioli motor of 1.5 kW instead of 2.2 kW flange motor;
  • changing the gear ratio from 21 to 29.8 by replacing the first reduction stage;
  • replacing of the gaskets and sealings;
  • 100% positive leak test results as well as successful gear ratio checking in accordance with technology of manufacturer;
  • automated oiling;
  • refurbishing / restoration of visual appearance.

  Three days later, the updated gear motor was already operating to full capacity on the production line. As a result, our client received an updated gear motor under warranty and saved about 60% of the amount compared to buying a new product. This was another confirmation of the progress towards the goal - “To keep increasing the production efficiency of our partners!”.