Our partner, Schmalz, presents a series of new solutions for the complete unloading of boxes in automatic mode, which is immediately ready to work with simple installation and the ability to adapt to different types of product thanks to a new special suction cup with an extra flexible shape that adapts perfectly to the product. All solutions are the most suitable for ultra-light robots and cobots.

  This 3D-R set is a complete solution that includes all the necessary accessories for efficient box unloading, and includes the latest innovations from Schmalz. Compared to typical solutions on the market, our kit can be set up for production very quickly and easily and does not require you to have a lot of knowledge in robotics. The customer receives all the necessary components, which include: a kit for connecting to a robot, an electric vacuum generator of the ECBPi type, a gripper with an extension for connecting the necessary suction cup, a 3D camera and software. This allows the system to be configured simply and to operate at high performance and with no problems.

  Schmalz has also developed the SBPG box unloader, which is available separately from the complete set and is also ready for use in vacuum handling processes as a separate unit. An additional advantage is the already integrated vacuum generator, which, in general, with a low weight of several hundred grams, allows it to be used for stationary tasks in movement by collaborative robots. The high performance of the vacuum tool allows it to grip easily and safely and move the product. The gripper flexibly retrieves products from baskets and boxes even when they are randomly inserted inside. The quick-change suction cup provides even more process flexibility. Schmalz offers an optional swivel module, which makes it possible to receive products from corners and very deep baskets, thus increasing our working possibilities. Thanks to the intelligent VSi pressure and vacuum switch system, the vacuum movement and gripping process is fully controlled to ensure the shortest possible work cycles.

  Schmalz completes his SBPG grippers with a new type of suction cup SVE, which is the perfect complement to it. Thanks to its shape and very flexible lip, the suction cup adapts perfectly to products with corners, curves and other shapes. For example, cartridges can be easily and safely moved with optimal speed and holding power.