Beltimport contracted a trade partnership with one of the largest electro technical companies in the world - «ABB» company. And now we present to the attention of customers Dodge and Baldor gearboxes and ABB motors. ABB offers products that have technological perfection and aims to minimize the environmental impact.

Dodge gearboxes have proven themselves in a variety of industries: heavy and coaxial gearboxes - in mining, worm gearboxes - in the food industry, helical gearboxes - in the packaging industry, shaft mounted gearboxes - in the manufacture of cement.

ABB electro motors are the best solution of problems in majority of industrial processes. The range includes low and high voltage induction motors (including for hazardous areas), synchronous motors, and motors with different options (with built-in brake, for high temperatures, for marine use, etc.).

By virtue of the offered gearboxes and electric motors, you can optimize manufacturing process, increase the capacity of production, reduce downtime and improve system performance.

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