The first Saturday of August, as it happens every year, marks the day when "Beltimport" celebrates its birthday. However, this year it was not an ordinary one, it was an anniversary! We turned 20!!!

Employees with their loved ones from all the branch offices were invited to the picturesque recreation center, where a huge holiday had been waiting for them! Volleyball and water polo competitions, cooking classes and fun quizzes, water slides and pranks had become a great start to the official part of the celebration, where greetings and toasts had sounded and awards were presented. So, the best employees of the company, according to the Beltimport Board of Directors, chose other best employees (according to their opinion). Not only a symbolic «Oscar» was given to them, but also a Christmas trip to Georgia. So 12 employees of our company and their families will celebrate this holiday together! It was all very pleasing, emotional and cheerful. Of course, professionals helped us to make this a memorable day. Master of ceremonies, whom we invited to our anniversary, is an inimitable showman, a polyglot, a person who knows the infinite number of sparkling aphorisms, toasts and parables - Dmitry Chekalkin. He was assisted by famous directors, honored artists of Ukraine and Ukrainian "golden sax" prize winner. And, of course, the fact that the great actor and "a big man" Alexey Gorbunov came to congratulate Beltimport was a special delight. Alexey arrived with his group "Grust’ pilota" and we enjoyed yet another facet of his talent but, unfortunately, it is very hard to describe the spectacular atmosphere of his more than an hour performance. Such emotions will never be forgotten!

In the opinion of everyone, it turned out to be a very sincere and successful holiday. And, perhaps, with these exact words we can describe our 20 year-long path. Along the way we had different turns and different speed, sometimes we were driving on a highways, sometimes waiting at "road maintenance" areas, moving on the serpentines and flat blocks. But we were always making our way up and as we all know the way to the top is always difficult. We are proud of our victories and leadership on the market, and the main reason is our people. However, we are well aware that the development and progress should be carried out continuously. Therefore, we promise you to become what we haven’t been yet. And for now we have just stopped for one day to rest, to sum up and say to each other: "Thank you!"

We also want to thank all our numerous partners. Thank you for your trust! – honestly, we dear it a lot. Big thanks also to those who sent us greetings and continue to do that – we appreciate it greatly.

P.S. In honor of the twentieth anniversary of Beltimport, a number of our colleagues have presented a music video. We would like to share it with you!