From now on, Schmalz vacuum units for woodworking have built-in NFC technology. As a result, our partner became the first company in the world to integrate digital technology into vacuum grippers. This technology allows to identify the product using a smartphone, therefore, ensuring a significant service optimization.

  Whether you use original equipment or want to upgrade the existing vacuum units, Schmalz always offers the right technical solution for your CNC woodworking center. In addition, our expert in the vacuum technology market has added this digital innovation in the form of NFC technology. This enables our customers to quickly access product identification and all information on spare parts for vacuum suction cups. This communication technology refers to the transfer of data between two devices that support NFC technology, placed at a short distance from each other, usually, a few centimeters away. Such a short distance prevents from connecting to other devices. The user only needs a smartphone that supports NFC. As soon as the phone is lifted closely to the vacuum unit, all technical data is displayed on the phone screen, including size, serial number and specific technical information on the product. This provides a clear and distinct identification of an already operating device, even if the unit has been damaged or lacked a nameplate. Additionally, the error of incorrect product identification is excluded.

  We remind you that our partner Schmalz is a world leader in the vacuum technology market in the production of vacuum units for CNC woodworking centers. Whatever type of CNC you use and whatever tasks in furniture blanks processing you have, our team will always find the right technical solution for you!