Market leader and an expert in vacuum technology – Schmalz company offers modern technological solutions in vacuum clamping segment for a variety of industries, such as woodworking, metalworking, plastics and glass processing etc. Thanks to the uniqueness of the solutions, the maximum productivity of the existing equipment is ensured and, if necessary, its modernization as well. Vacuum clamps from Schmalz have already been used for a long time as original parts by many world-known CNC machining center manufacturers for the woodworking industry.

  Depending on the type of woodworking center, there are different vacuum blocks:

  1. VC-G - with a hose connection for smooth tables.
  2. VC-T – hose-free systems.
  3. VC-K1 and VC-K2 - for Schmalz consoles with one or two vacuum circuits.

  Using of Schmalz vacuum systems brings many advantages:

  • holding force of the clamp up to 850N, which ensures reliable fixation even while cutting with high loads;
  • optional built-in lifting system allows to move the workpiece horizontally without damaging the vacuum cups;
  • hose-free systems allow to move vacuum cups quickly without using of hoses that could interfere with the handling process;
  • a wide variety of vacuum cups and their sizes provides a wider selection of applications;
  • placement accuracy - fixation at specific points guarantees positioning accuracy up to +/- 0,06 mm;
  • long service life is ensured thanks to using of high-quality plastic materials;
  • vacuum pads can be replaced easily and quickly.

  However, if you are interested in modernization of existing tables with vacuum clamps in woodworking centers, then Schmaltz has developed a special solution - Innospann. These vacuum clamp systems are suitable for any woodworking center due to the modular design. Using of Innospann vacuum systems saves up to 80% of time needed for machine readjustment, and the workpiece holding force is 50% stronger than standard vacuum grippers. The use of these systems helps to avoid additional costs for new equipment acquisition and is the optimal solution when there is need in equipment upgrading without changes to the woodworking center.

  The versatility and uniqueness of the designs, the undeniable quality of the Schmalz vacuum system components and the high qualification of Beltimport engineers allow customers to select the best vacuum units for woodworking centers.