Schmalz company has developed a new unique product called Jumbo Low-Stack as an ergonomic solution for unloading and loading of cardboard boxes, metal products, bags or other products that are in closed pallets. This solution is ideal for working with containers for transportation made from grid or wood. Thanks to the development based on JumboErgo and Sprint vacuum systems, they have a carrying capacity of up to 180 kg.

  The manufacturer’s engineers have developed in a handling system of Jumbo Low-Stack a junction point that allows to pick up, lift and place products on the ground while the operator maintains the vertical position along the entire process. The basic concept of the novelty is that the operator controls the movement “up and down” by turning the vertical handle that is sliding in his hand. This ensures complete control during the entire handling process. Additionally, the Jumbo Low-Stack was equipped with a simple product release system that eliminates residual vacuum in the system between gripper and handled product. Thanks to this new feature, the user can detach the suction cup from the product without any additional effort.

  Different types of vacuum suction cups are available for different materials that are being handled to ensure safe operation. The quick-change adapter allows an easy and simple change of suction cups depending on the application: double vacuum grippers, round suction cups or a system with four vacuum grippers - Schmalz offers the right solutions for any size and level of stability for  the handled goods.

  The feature of all Jumbo installations is the use of a flexible vacuum tube that changes the length when lifting or lowering the load. For Jumbo Low-Stack, Schmalz has developed various types of lifting devices. They have a range of strokes of 1400 and 800 mm and can be selected with a 100 mm pitch. This allows the customer to adapt the new solution of   manually handling to his application in the most optimal way.

  Jumbo Low-Stack complements the existing range of vacuum lifters, which provides ergonomic solutions for the frequent and rapid lifting and handling of products while loading of various machines, in logistics centers and production processes. The whole system - lifting installation, control panel, vacuum suction cup and vacuum pump can be configured in accordance with your needs and wishes!