Hygiene and cleanliness are paramount in the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical industries.

  The PalVac Sprint Hygienic vacuum lifting system is designed for clean environments and hygienic zones, allowing for the handling of loads up to 50 kg. Thanks to its thoughtful design and the use of high-quality materials, this tube lifter can be quickly and easily cleaned, leaving no place for dirt to accumulate.

  The PalVac Sprint Hygienic lifter is ideal for lifting and transporting packaged goods such as bags, drums and jugs. It is well-suited for frequent and rapid lifting and movement of heavy loads. The polished surfaces of the stainless steel lifter practically resist the buildup of residue, and cleaning agents easily run off. Welded seams, ground without cracks or gaps, further contribute to its cleanliness. The metal components are made from V2A / SAE 304 stainless steel and the protective tube is resistant to various cleaning agents. The system can be disassembled without the need for tools.

  The lifting solution consists of a tubular vacuum lifter and a crane. Tri Clover connections link the lifting unit, control panel, and gripper. The gripper seals are made from FDA-compliant silicone and are suitable for direct contact with food products. A built-in HEPA filter in the tube lifter protects the interior surface from contamination. A pressure differential indicator provides information about the filter elements' contamination level, enabling timely replacement. An electric fan generates vacuum, allowing for the handling of loads weighing up to 50 kg. The arc-shaped operator handle facilitates lifting, lowering, and releasing loads. Custom-selected suction cups accommodate various workpieces.

  Schmalz PalVac jib cranes, made of stainless steel, provide the necessary reach for the tube lifter. These cranes can be individually configured for different applications and offer high operating speed and precise positioning, as well as ergonomic and fatigue-free control. The crane column can be installed on the floor or ceiling, and the swivel bearing enables a 220-degree range of motion. Operators can adjust the crane's sensitivity using an adjustment screw. Depending on operational conditions, the PalVac crane can work with a standard or articulated jib.