To work effectively and to be as useful as possible to our dear customers and partners, to inspire each other and open up new ways of development, it is important to "sharpen the saw" in time.

  Recently, a well-known trainer, businessman and coach Vache Davtyan conducted time management training, especially for the Beltimport team.

  Many of us have discovered our colleagues from a completely different point of view and let’s say, met again with our talented coworkers. In addition to high-quality and up-to-date scientific information on time management and personal efficiency, we received unforgettable emotions and impressions. Therefore, it is not for nothing that the name of the author's training is "Time to get High". Practice, practice and practice again - this is the only way to start using a new useful habit in everyday life, so even before the training, the participants performed a number of practical preparatory tasks, and at the training, they worked through the prism of games and interactivity. Thanks to this approach training has become as clear, accessible and easy to understand as possible, so all participants in the training continue to actively apply the acquired skills in real life.

  We are grateful to Vache Davtyan for the unusual, positive and dynamic training and the most valuable idea: we are a team, the effectiveness and productivity of each of us in this team is the success of the company, community, country, world!