The delegation of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) led by program director Mr. Armin Hofmann officially visited the Beltimport company. With the help of the German government, GIZ has been working in Ukraine for more than 30 years on public administration reform, sustainable economic development, energy efficiency and climate protection. After the start of the russian invasive war in February 2022, GIZ continued and intensified its operation, supporting Ukraine in various directions:  firstly, the organization of reliable provision of the civilian population; secondly, GIZ's participation in the reconstruction of the country, which is already underway; thirdly, GIZ's advisory support for the implementation of reforms that should ensure the approaching of Ukraine to the European Union (EU).

The Beltimport management presented the company and visually demonstrated our production facilities and new equipment to the guests. They also talked about the achievements and problems we are facing in such difficult times for business in Ukraine. The German guests were pleasantly impressed by our ambitious plans and solid achievements and the potential opportunities for expanding the company's activities. The participants of the meeting discussed the existing risks for the business environment of Ukraine and highly praised the creative approach of Ukrainians in conducting business despite all the challenges and threats of wartime.

“Beltimport Company is a bright example of sustainable Ukrainian business and with no overstatement brave entrepreneurship, which, sharing common European values, tries to implement EU approaches to innovation, sustainable development, as well as a responsible attitude to the environment with its daily work, constantly keeping in mind the focus on the urgent needs of Ukrainian society and business partners in the conditions of martial law", - noted the head of the GIZ delegation, Armin Hofmann.

Beltimport General Director Oleksii Biesiedin on his hand also thanked the German government for its unprecedented support to Ukraine, GIZ - for supporting Ukrainian business, and Mr. Armin Hofmann for his contribution to the development and future reconstruction of Ukraine and the opportunities provided for business development. It is reasonable that most of the world's developed economies are supported by small and medium-sized businesses. We are sure that it will be the same in Ukraine in the future.