Last Friday, May 22, it has been 10 years since our company opened a branch in Lviv. During this time the Lviv-based team has managed to gain our partners’ trust and to achieve excellent results, and, consequently, to take up strong positions among competitors on the western region of Ukraine. Thanks to a strong team spirit, determination, mastery to achieve high results and the wish to be number one we managed to implement hundreds of successful projects and professional solutions.

  One cannot fail to mention that the Lviv branch owes its success, far from least, to a person who, thanks to his experience, organization and perseverance, very quickly set a high pace of development, first to one department and then to the whole company. This person is our Commercial Director, Juri Berdnikov. And, of course, we wouldn’t be where we are now, if it wasn’t for the high professionalism of Marianna Oleksiv, Head of Sales Department in Lviv. Marianna took up her duties relatively recently, but she quickly proved that beauty and intelligence constitute a deadly weapon that commands nothing but respect from partners and intimidates the competitors. We are proud of today's staff and are grateful to those who have made a significant contribution to the formation of the branch.

  As always, the best indicator of our success is the respect of our clients. We place increased demands not only on our products and services, but also on ourselves, so for the next 10 years, our Lviv team will continue to improve to be even more professional and useful for our partners.

  Our highly qualified specialists are always at your service!