For splicing conveyor belts with a thickness from 1.5 mm to 6.4 mm operating at a light and medium loads up to 350 N / mm, Flexco has developed the special Flexco Alligator Ready Set fasteners. The fasteners are quick and easy to install, providing an abrasion-resistant splicing. Available in a variety of materials: steel, stainless steel and MegAlloy. The connecting rod can also be optionally selected: steel or stainless steel cable with nylon coating, spring wire from stainless steel or regular steel. Flexco Alligator RS fasteners are used for conveyor systems with the smallest pulley diameters from 50 to 102 mm.

  Flexco Alligator Ready Set fasteners are widely used when moving both piece and packaged goods, and bulk materials.

  Our manufacturing division uses a dedicated assembly tool to perform belt splicing service to reduce assembly time.

  Please contact us, Flexco fasteners are always in stock in Kyiv, and not only of this type. There is a system of discounts.