In October 2018 we participated in the meeting of European representatives of Berndorf Band Group that is held once in two years. The Austrian company Berndorf is a world leading manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel belts. The latest meeting took place in the resort city of Cascais, suburb of Lisbon, Portugal. The new development strategies with consideration of late changes of competitors were discussed during these couple of days. Additional attention was also given to a provision of complex solutions considering other Berndorf Group factories’ capacities that produce various equipment. The matter of qualified belt service was separately focused. It has to cover all countries of the world and has to be applicable for clients in terms of time frames and price. 

  Beltimport company is an exclusive agent and supportive service centre of Berndorf in Ukraine. Our professional staff is at your disposal where steel belts are needed or their usage is potentially possible.

  Special thanks to Berndorf for the Portuguese flavor, for the spirit of antient streets on the shore of Atlantic Ocean, for acquaintance with awesome and authentic Lisbon. It only goes to show that Berndorf can not only provide new solutions, but also gift new emotions.