In May 2023, a meeting of global distributors of Bonfiglioli took place. This time, the event was held in Bologna, and representatives from Beltimport (CEO Oleksiy Besedin and CPO Alla Pochtova) were also invited as special guests, as a sign of support for Ukraine, which is currently fighting for its independence and defending the values of Europe and the democratic world.

  Over 100 guests from 53 countries visited Bonfiglioli's new production facility, the EVO factory. This new global facility, which will eventually be fully powered by renewable energy, embodies advanced technologies in construction, automation, and engineering.

  The EVO plant is truly impressive in its scale, amount of robotic equipment, ergonomics, and environmental consciousness.

  During the meeting, the successes of recent years were summarized for both the distributors and the Bonfiglioli group as a whole. For example, the top 22 distributors received additional certification from TUV for quality management systems in local assembly production. Beltimport is also part of the Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team. The previous year was a record-breaking one for Bonfiglioli, with a total turnover of over 1.2 billion euros.

  The top management of Bonfiglioli presented the current directions of development, on which the team has been tirelessly working, shared aspirations, plans, and demonstrated new tools and products that provide customers with additional advantages and new opportunities.

  Separately, we would like to tell you about the grand finale of this meeting, which took place at the Ferrari Museum. Awards were presented to the best distributors, guests enjoyed exquisite Italian cuisine, lively music, and watched films about two Italian legends - Enzo Ferrari and Clementino Bonfiglioli, surrounded by legendary cars from different eras. Participants had the opportunity to interact with partners from various countries and continents and listen to inspiring speeches from Bonfiglioli's leaders. It can be confidently said that this event was grand and unforgettable!