Dear clients and partners!

  Spreading of COVID-19 has been already plaguing markets for a long time, and forcing companies to operate in conditions of excessive uncertainty, which will be accompanied by a negative economic situation both in Ukraine and around the world.

  However, Beltimport, in order to provide uninterrupted and incessant service to its customers, still fulfills its monetary obligations to its suppliers without delays and we guarantee that in all circumstances we will continue to do so, realizing that we cannot cause the onset of negative consequences to our partners. For this reason, Beltimport will not be able to meet all clients’ requests in postponing or rescheduling payments in the coming months.

  Despite the circumstances and difficulties of the current period, Beltimport asks Clients and Partners to respect the agreed payment terms and to use all available financial instruments to settle their monetary obligations in a timely manner.

  We are confident that we will be able to overcome nowadays challenges with the dignity, and mutual trust and fulfillment of our commitments will strengthen our business partnership in the future.

Best regards and good health wishes,
Beltimport CEO Oleksii Biesiedin